Successful Marriage Articles

Having a godly marriage isn't as much about finding the right person... -  SermonQuotes

Clicking on a name takes you to a description which has a link to the article. Thank you to my dear brother in Christ Bill Taylor for giving me permission to publish his articles.

Talks for a Marriage Seminar

How My Wife Explained Herself Before She’d Date Me

10-Word Theology for Marriage and for the Christian Walk

God Demonstrates His Unconditional Love for Us and His Holiness in a way Everyone Sees

How a Man Protects His Wife

The Vital Role of Sex In Marriage

Ruth’s Rules for Getting Married

Handling Conflict in Marriage

Older Women Must Explain Men to Younger Women

Why Johnny Lingo Paid Eight Cows for his Wife

Forgiveness is Not an Option for Christians

The Theological Foundations of Marriage

Marriage and Salvation use the same Plan

God’s Simple Plan of Marriage

The Holiness of Marriage

Marriage Should Bless Both Parties

What the Bible Teaches About Leadership

What should a Father Ask a Young Man who’s Pursuing His Daughter?

Discussion Points for Couples

Husbands Leading Wives in Exploring God’s Plan for Marriage

God Wrote the Bible to be Read from Many Points of View

What Do Women Desire?

Toy or Treasure

Jesus Gently Encouraged the Apostle Peter’s Spiritual Growth

The Gospel of Jesus Death, Resurrection, Grace, Forgiveness, and Salvation in 2 Words – “and Peter”

Why the British Lost Their Empire

God Tells You How to Prosper

High School and College Kids Sometimes See Couples Forming when they haven’t.

What Evolution and History Teach About Marriage

How Many Commands did Jesus give us?

Are You God’s Friend?

What Drove Jesus’ 11 Nobodies to Turn the World Upside-down?

Having Answers About our Hope in God and in Marriage

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