A New Beginning

A lovely message from Lorraine about following, and honoring, God.

Whole Faith Love

I’ve spent a lot of time with the Lord lately which made me realize I need to use my talents to advance the Kingdom.

I’m an artist, a dreamer, a confirmed overthinker… and I also enjoy writing a lot.

Why not creating a blog? A Christian blog, completely and wholly dedicated to God?

I just needed some time to grasp the full concept, find the right name, and here we are!

Whole Faith Love is born from a deep desire to bring glory to the most High; connect with other believers; and practice my writing skills – no joke.

I feel truly blessed to have been given such creativity by the Father. I know God needs all kind of people in his family, and lately, I’ve been inspired to serve him in a truly meaningful way.

I feel the more time you spend with the Lord, the more love your…

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