Hearing God: The Plumb Line

An interesting article on the Bible’s use of the phrase “plumb line” in two minor prophets, Amos and Zechariah.

Like David, let us grow in knowing Him who is the Grand Architect and Lover of our souls. Let us be committed to His Word as the plumb line for all we say and do.

The World of Lu

Behold, the Lord was standing by a vertical wall with a plumb line in His hand.
As young Christian it didn’t take me too long to run into the concept of “The Plumb Line” around church circles.  People would say that the Word of God is like a plumb line for your life.  Line your life up with the Bible and it will be a plumb line to keep focused on what is upright and true.  Measure what you do and say against the plumb line.  The plumb line?  hmmm… Now what’s that?
A quick look at Mirriam-Webster online dictionary shows you that the definition is “a line (as of cord) that has at one end a weight (as a plumb bob) and is used especially to determine verticality. OK, line (check), weight (check) and verticality! OK, what’s vericality?  And what’s it got to do with my new life in Christ?

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