The KJV vs. the ESV

I stand guilty of ignorantly and carelessly using the ESV in my witnessing efforts recently. Be warned, the ESV is not the same accuracy as the King James Bible. I repent of using the ESV gospel of John and will contact the services I reached out to with the truth.

KJV Defense

If you’re like most christians you might think that the ESV and the KJV Bible translations basically say the same thing. Most Christians are unaware that there is disagreement among some churches regarding which Bible translation we should be using. As far as modern versions go, we are only going to focus on the ESV in comparison to the KJV. Why ESV? For one thing, the ESV is the most popular version among conservative evangelicals. It is more accurate than the NIV but not as rigid as the NASB. So its a perfect fit for comparison. However, the things that we discuss in the ESV will generally be true of any word-for-word translation. We will show that the ESV in fact does not basically say the same thing as the KJV.

The ESV is the 4th translation in a series of revisions which go back to the first modern Bible…

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