Lord’s day joy – James Smith

A beautiful prayer from Maria that I wanted to share.

Pilgrim’s Progress revisited ~ Christiana on the narrow way


…God came down in the person of the Spirit, on the day of Pentecost, first filling the house, and then the persons of the saints. Thus qualifying his people to testify for him, publish his truth, and conquer their every foe. That Spirit is still in the church — but more of the power and grace of that Spirit is needed by the church, and therefore we should still cry, “O that you would come down!”

God comes down now — and meets his people in their prayer-closets, giving them sensible manifestations of his presence, impressions of his power, and proofs of his love. He comes down into the sanctuary, and makes the place of his feet glorious. Then his word is powerful, devotion is sweet, and the communion of saints is delightful. He comes down into the heart, fills it with joy and peace, makes it his royal…

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11 thoughts on “Lord’s day joy – James Smith

  1. I’ve been in churches where I felt the Spirit winding through the congregation – it is a wondrous feeling, a time of awe. We need more of His infilling of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Thanks Naomi. I am doing well enough. I can’t ask for more. Being bipolar I have come to accept the down days and the up days. Each day I try to remember that God loves me right where I’m at. So that helps. Can I ask you a question about your picture and name? Notice how mine says “thebipolarchristianblog?” How do I get that to say my name (Eric) like yours says your name?

      • Being on the “free” plan, I don’t have access to The Lovebirds Theme, but when I can afford to, I would like to try it.

      • Eric, I’m pretty sure the LoveBirds Theme is still free – check it out under Appearance > Themes in WP Admin. I’m on the free plan too and didn’t have to pay for anything except $39 per annum to have no ads on the site.
        You can customise the theme to some extent too: I added social media icons to the left menu bar linking to my pinterest and Facebook sites. Great for witnessing.

        No worries about being a friend too, that’s what we’re called to do (Matthew 28:19).

      • I’ve looked extensively at the free themes, and it is true that the Lovebirds is a free theme but you have to be on WordPress.org to get it. At least, that is my experience. It is not on WordPress.com’s free site. I would have to pay an annual fee to upgrade to a customizable blog design and all that. I’ll just live with what I’ve got for now. Maybe when I pay off a few more bills, I’ll be able to upgrade.

        We are called to make disciples of every nation. …..I’ll have to keep that in mind…Thank you Naomi

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