Textual Criticism Pt. 2

More food for thought spiritually concerning textual criticism of the Bible. A great read. More to follow from this series as I digest things spiritually.

Narrow is The Way Ministries

The history of Textual Criticism dates back to German rationalists. The first to come up with rules was Johann Albrecht Bengel and his 17 rules of textual criticism. Many of them flew in the face of common thought. Instead of people telling him he was a trifle confused, they congratulated him on his reasoning powers.He was the first to divide the Greek Manuscripts into two families. He called them the “Byzantine” and the “African” manuscripts. Today, we refer to them as either the “A’s” (Antioch and Alexandria) or Syrian and Alexandrian.

To me, it is very interesting that the textual critics often resort to calling the Antioch family everything BUT Antioch. Westerners tend to regard Syria with some distrust thanks to historical warfare and events.

Western Christians tend to distrust the Greek Orthodox Church (the way we used to correctly regard the Roman Catholic church, we now regard only the Greek Orthodox the…

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