These are such exciting times to live in as we see more and more people wanting to know the Lord

An inspiring testimony from Jewish believer Rachel Netanel. This was really touching, I love how she shared her faith with someone from a completely different background and culture to her, with no fear, only love.

I have written more about Rachel here:

Beth Netanel Jerusalem, Rachel Netanel

We will part of a festival they hold every year and will take place in different locations (including mine) from 7 – 9 September. Last year there were 1600 guests, and we are expecting even more this year. We will have food and Israeli music.

I was invited to speak on a new TV station. The man who organizes this program asked me if I would also speak on “El Hayat” in Moroccan to the Moroccans. It has been years since I have spoken in that language, but the Lord gave me grace to give my testimony.

This week I also went into a garden shop and saw a Muslim lady there who looked so very sad. I talked to her and remarked that I could see her sadness and that she has no light or life in her and that I understood how that…

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