Christian Book Review: Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot

In my journey to church today (by tram, train, then bus) I was accompanied for most of the way by my young friend Dianne. She mentioned a female Christian author who has been highly influential for her, Elisabeth Elliot. The name resonated with me so I decided to look Elisabeth up once our service ended. When I did, I found that the gentle tenacity of her character shines through in her writing, which made an impact on me as I’ve been struggling with lack of faith and patience lately. While browsing through Elisabeth’s series of books, I felt God gently move my conscience towards “Keep a Quiet Heart”, which is a collection of some of Elisabeth’s best work from her newsletter. More than 100 short passages offer a bit of relief from everyday life as they point the reader toward the everlasting love and peace of God. The book can be purchased very cheaply at

One notable quote from Elisabeth that I wanted to share with readers:

“It is through the tender austerity of our troubles that the Son of Man comes knocking. In every event He seeks an entrance to my heart, yes, even in my most helpless, futile, fruitless moments. The very cracks and empty crannies of my life, my perplexities and hurts and botched-up jobs, He wants to fill with Himself, His joy, His life…He urges me to learn of Him: ‘I am gentle and humble in heart.”

Elisabeth Elliot

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