Satan Our Accuser, Christ Our Advocate

I am reblogging a very encouraging article from Levi Thetford. It comforted me and I trust it will be a comfort to others. We all have ongoing battles with spiritual evil in this planet: it is good to be reminded that the Lord Jesus has destroyed the enemy’s reigning power over us. He may worry us (as CH Spurgeon so eloquently put it) but he cannot claim us as his own.

Levi's Daily Thoughts

I am reposting this from a few months back. I think that this subject is something that we need to be reminded of; and since I now have 10 times more followers than I had when first posted it will be new to most of my followers. I trust that it will be a blessing to many today.

Satan has many names. Satan has many schemes. Satan wears many hats. Satan comes in many different disguises. And through all of it, one of his favorite tactics, and one of his most successful, is to be an accuser. The book of Revelation explains to us that night and day he stands as our accuser.

Webster’s definition of an accuser.

1: one that charges with a fault or offense
2: one that charges with an offense judicially or by a public process

Satan is an Accuser and we know his accusations. We have heard…

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