How to Find the Faith to Endure Life’s Storms

I read an inspiring article tonight on Wiki How that I wanted to share with people. My hope is that this comforts others in trials and afflictions as much as it comforted me. I’ve taken the liberty of correcting a little sentence here or there (the author herself acknowledged that this needed to be done) but the article is otherwise given in its entirety to preserve its hopeful spirit.



Here is the account of one storm found in Mark 4:35-41 and how Jesus dealt with the disciples who were with Him. More than that there are key points relating to how we can overcome storms such as trials, afflictions, persecutions faced in everyday life especially in this time of economic crisis in the world.

== Steps ==
# We endure the storm, torturous days of toil, wind and rain lashing us, no sleep, disaster on every wave. We may wonder, Lord, will I ever reach my destination. We may get like Job: “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.”

# Keep your hopes alive. Ever feel you would never make it? Mary and Martha must have endured difficult days as their brother Lazarus sickened, grew worse, and finally died, all while Jesus didn’t show.

# Prove your seamanship in the storm. We prove God in adversity–not in calm waters. We prove it whether the storm has lasted for two weeks or two months or two years or two decades, we need assurance that He is with us. In storms when the frail ship would be blasted to bits, there stands by you in the night the angel of God, saying. “Fear not in the storms…”

# Prove that your life is hidden in Christ. We need security that gets above the storm and allows us to see that God never forsakes us. Our assurance must be rooted in the faithfulness of God to keep us…for better for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness, and in health and in life and in death.

# Don’t insist He do everything the same on every occasion. We can’t make up the rules of life and expect God to submit. Maturity means I submit to Him, that I acknowledge His lordship. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.<

# Don't always get angry because the storm came up in the Christian life. Maturity means you understand that it is not a bed of roses. It is very difficult to second-guess God. We are the creature, He is the Creator!

# Ask Lord: Teach me in this storm–instead of doing what we want–just to find our own ways.

# Stay with the ship: you will make it safety to the other shore. You will see storms. Some will blow up and calm down in a hurry. Some will last a while and threaten to defeat you. You may even see a few shipwrecks.

# Find the answer to help you to endure through any storm that comes into my life and there have been many. All power is in the name of Jesus folks and in not other name.

# Call on the name of Jesus and He is always with me and He calms down the storms that hit me.

# Turn to Jesus, if you are going through any kind of storm in your life today.

# Obey the word of God completely you will have the power to handle any situation that you may face in life. Jesus never fails us. He is the same today as He was yesterday and will be. And He loves you and me so much.

# Pray Effectively and avoid sabotaging your prayers. You may be going through so much physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. Some people are in bondage or in prison literally and also within themselves and don't know the the answer.

# Find Jesus and the real way to be saved and then the void you feel in your life is filled. You will never have been so happy in your life. Why not jump into the arms of a loving God? Though the storms rage high and the dark clouds roll, you don't need to worry. You'll be sheltered, safe within the arms of God.

=== The Background Bible Story ===
Mark's Storm:

Mark 4:36-41 (KJV)

*Jesus himself proposed putting to sea at night

*They did not put to sea, till they had sent away the multitude after they met all the needs of the multitude.

*They took Jesus without any extra clothing to keep him warm.

*The storm was so great the ship became full of water

*There were other little ships with them probably to take those who were afraid to go with Jesus in the larger ship.

*Jesus was asleep during that storm in the hinder part of the ship.

*The disciples encouraged themselves knowing they had their master with them.

*After a while though, they became afraid and did not understand why Jesus slept during the storm.

*Finally the disciples became afraid and woke up Jesus.

*Their reply to Jesus was this, Master, carest thou not that we perish?

*Jesus command to the storm was this,Peace, be still. When Mark recorded, “‘Peace, be still!’ And the wind ceased and there was a great calm” (v. 39), he meant that Jesus told the sea to be silent, be hushed, and be muzzled like a wild beast; the verb tense of be still indicates Jesus told it to be muzzled and stay that way. Ceased means the sea sank to rest as if exhausted, worn out by the labor of its beating.

*The storm ended at the command of Jesus.

*A word of comfort, that, be the storm of trouble ever so loud, ever so strong, Jesus Christ can lay it with a word’s speaking.

Key Points in The Storm:

* Storms come and go.

* Raging billows in the form of trials, testings and even illness will come and it may be difficult to make it through them.

* There is potential to take lives physically , spiritually, or emotionally.

* There can be miraculous delivery but not always.

* Storms on the sea of Galilee are likely to last only hours.

* Storms in our lives may last for days, weeks or even months.

* Some blow in with a vengeance and test every resource there is even to the point of despair.

* Sometimes storms calm down instantly.

* Other times it takes a long time.

* In this story we see Jesus standing in that fishing boat, waves dashing against the boat nearly full of water.

* His hair is wet from the spray and He cried out, “Peace! Be Still!”

* Jesus brought immediate answer to the storm and it was over.

* Many times Jesus did this.

* The centurian who had a sick servant came to Jesus was healed instantly.

* The crowds who came to hear Jesus were hungry and within minutes 5,000 were fed.

* Immediate answers are wonderful.

* However, the buffering of the gale is much longer.

* The answer to prayer seems delayed sometimes and slow coming.

* Everyone likes immediate answers to prayer.

* Jesus will answer in His time either with an instant yes, no, or simply wait .

* He will answer according to His will.

* Hold on to this and you’ll find strength through your trials and tribulations. Read Luke 6:48-49, the flood waters will rise up and winds blow & rage against both the believer’s and the non-believer’s house. The key is your foundation! What is your life built upon when the flood waters do rage against you; will you remain steadfast? Knowing Jesus doesn’t mean or guarantee that you will have an easy life free from pain; but having Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior will mean for you, that you will never ever be destroyed by life’s storms!

* Chin up…you are loved by the Master who created you; He will not turn away from you now! It is the people who turn away, not God. Ask yourself this question: What artist, in creating a masterpiece, would allow the masterpiece to be destroyed by others? You and your loved ones are God’s poetry, His finest workmanship; God will never turn away from you!

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