Kimalea’s Story: stage two breast cancer

This article was so inspiring I just had to share it. Much of what keeps me going faith-wise is the sense that God is with me every day, through trials and tribulations and my ever-present weaknesses. He is ever faithful. I hope you find Kimalea’s story as uplifting and hopeful as I did. Here is a beautiful quote:

Every day I remind myself, cancer cannot make me afraid without my permission. And, I will not give it permission.

I begin each day with praise. When I start to list all of the people and blessings I’m grateful for, I realize how rich my life is and how very blessed I am. I know God will never leave me or forsake me, and no matter how difficult things are, He is a very present help. He’s my refuge. And I know that He is in my present, but He’s also waiting for me in my future. He goes before me to prepare my way as I purpose to follow him. I do not fret, as God will provide. My opportunity is to feed my faith and not feed my fears.

Kimalea was treated by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, where faith in Christ is positively embraced and encouraged as part of each patient’s care.

One of the first things that cancer does is to try and steal hope. But we recognize that God is the source of hope.

For the entire article, see the beautifully written:

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